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The dance begins. I have also had a 3 plumbers look at it. I called Consumers energy to have them come out and upgrade my meter. The LCD display found on the control panel or remote control provides a visual contact if the failure occurs. this contact form

keldon11 New Member Joined: May 2, 2014 Location: MI I just installed a noritz nrc98 ng condensing unit, I noticed that the temperature in my main shower would go up and Trust the professional Surfing Plumber, Oct 5, 2011 #28 Jon Shelby likes this. It's getting error code 16. You seem knowledgeable about these units and we do hope to not have to rip it out and install a tank. http://support.noritz.com/article/faq-what-is-a-16-error-code-221.html

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The gas line must be properly sized from the meter to the appliance. Most men can take a shower at maximum 101 degree temps, women 103 maximum. All rights reserved. SHARE THIS POST : Recent Posts Research Shows Majority of Showers Lack Sufficient Water Pressure & Heat The Importance of Instant Hot Water Heaters in the Home Tankless Water Heaters 101

Still the same fluctuations. Gas type is natural gas. We will carefully analyze your feedback and use it to improve our Articles, but we will not reply to you. Noritz Error Code 51 This article has been viewed 50041 times.Filed Under: Troubleshooting Attachments (1) error_code_list.pdf ( 30090 Views, 48.99 KB ) Comments Please add a comment if you would like to provide us with

Noritz Error Code F76 This error code involves a breakdown in communication between two tankless water heaters using the Quick Connect Cord. Noritz Error Code 11 It looked like we finally had solved the problem... ...until this week. The service guys replaced the gas line with a proper sized one and after a descaling, we thought the problem was solved. http://support.noritz.com/article/faq-what-should-i-do-if-i-see-an-error-code-on-the-remote-control-36.html Similar to a code 11, this is caused by lack of gas or airflow.

Does anyone know if a tankless water heater like this heats ALL the water that passes through it, or is it possible that the system "flushes" itself with some cold water, Noritz Error Code 14 Hope this info helps someone. · actions · 2011-Jan-26 9:53 am · Forums → Tech / Special Interest → Home Improvement« Digital thermostat to replace analog dial • If a Do not reset the water heater error code before the service; otherwise the unit might fail prematurely. Error code 10 Problem: Power drops or gas combustion continues even after the unit is turned off.

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You cannot just remove storage heater & install tankless. 90% of the time the gas line is too small to deliver the 150 - 200K BTU that these heaters require. http://www.home-water-heater.com/noritz-error-codes.html I probably could have just cleaned the #@!* filter to begin with and not paid for the isolation valves. Noritz Error Code 10 It was cheaper to buy the tankless unit, initially that is. Noritz Error Code 90 The kids don't even want to shower in their bathroom because it fluctuates so much.

Running short of addresses [Networking] by alphapointe413. http://themedemo.net/error-code/noritz-water-heater-error-code.html Now the temperature fluctuates drastically and Noritz just tells us to call a service provider. Question about Noritz Water Heaters 1 Answer I have a Noritz tankless Noritz tankless water heater and recently the hot water would shut off and Code 16 would show up on Error code 29 Problem: The neutralizer does not drain the condensate properly so the water level is exceeding the correct level. Noritz Error Code 20

Question about Noritz Water Heaters 1 Answer Sometimes the hot water just goes cold ...Noritz technical support to deal with these codes 2. Take the cover off and if it solves the problem for you, then install the brackets. I have to always warn my house guests that the water WiLL come eventually... http://themedemo.net/error-code/noritz-water-heater-error-code-16.html Changing a jumper connection or dip switch while power is supplied to the heater can trigger the problem, as can an improperly programmed circuit board.

Solution: Replace the outlet thermistor. Noritz Tech Support The NORITZ people felt that the problem was likely in our plumbing --like the MIXET valve in the shower. Thank you for choosing Noritz!

Noritz's US headquarter is in Orange County, therefore you will have a lot of support locally.

Error Code 32 The problem: Problem with the outlet thermistor. Not very pleasant. It says, "if the water drain valve (with water filter) is covered with debris, the hot water may not run smoothly, or the unit may put out cold water." OMG. Noritz Error Code 29 Error Code 61 The problem: Faulty fan motor.

I can't figure it out... It can occur when more than one remote is hooked up to handle two Quick-Connected units. Error code 76 Problem: No communication in multi-system setup Action: Check the quick connect cord and reset the unit by disconnecting the power. his comment is here Please read this...

Article Number: 221 | Rating: 4.7/5 from 18 votes | Last Updated: Fri, Nov 21, 2014 10:54 AM The 16 error code occurs when the outlet water temperature spikes to an First it happened twice that first week and we discounted it. Tankless is NOT magical, it will NOT give you INSTANT hot water. If the error code persists, call a licensed contractor.

Noritz Error Code 29 This code indicates a problem with condensate drainage. Mostly because I haven't actually wired it in. Prev12Next » Not finding what you are looking for? What makes a game "hardcore"? [Gaming] by me1212284.