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Send it to frank _dot_ mehnert _at_ oracle _dot_ com if the compressed file is smaller than 5MB. ERRnopaper 0x001C STATUS_DEVICE_PAPER_EMPTY 0x8000000E Printer out of paper. If several core files are created, you can check which process created them using the command $ file core. to be sure of the right one to send. These entry points are used by the I/O manager to dispatch IRPs to the driver for processing. check over here

ERRbadmcb 0x0007 Memory Control Blocks were destroyed. The VACB_ARRAY_HEADER structure is immediately followed by the array of VACB structures. A requested open mode conflicts with the sharing mode of an existing file handle. nt!_MMPFN Windows Memory Manager maintains information about every physical page in the system in an array called the PFN database.

Smb Error Codes

ERRdiskfull 0x0027 STATUS_DISK_FULL 0xC000007F ENOSPC No space on file system. This list is traversed by MiReplicatePteChange() to update the kernel mode portion of the process's virtual address space. This asynchronous model allows for maximum throughput and optimal resource utilization. The CallbackList field is the head of the list of driver installed callbacks for a particular object type.

  1. The calling process has not registered as a logon process." 0xC00000ee 0x00000553 NT_STATUS_LOGON_SESSION_EXISTS "Cannot start a new logon session with an ID that is already in use." 0xC00000ef 0x00000057 NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER_1 "The
  2. Work items containing pointer to driver supplied work routines are queued by drivers to a fixed set of kernel work queues.
  3. The LIST_ENTRY structure is typically embedded in a larger structure that represents an individual element in the list.
  4. Remark: Dump from Works on NT 5 - x86 NT 5 - x86 NT 5 - x64 NT 5 - x64 NT 6 - x86 NT 6 - x86/x64 (mimikatz x86)
  5. Alternatively (for Finder & launchpad) $ launchctl limit core unlimited or for permanent effect the same could be specified in $HOME/.launchd.conf or /etc/launchd.conf.
  6. ERRpasswordExpired 0x08C2 STATUS_PASSWORD_EXPIRED 0xC0000071 STATUS_PASSWORD_MUST_CHANGE 0xC0000224 The user's password has expired.
  7. The number of entries in the PFN database is nt!MmPfnSize and has extra entries to deal with hot-plug memory.

The Wsle field of the MMWSL structure points to the base of the Working Set List Entry array of the process. The CurrentCount field contains the number of threads that are actively processing queue items and is limited by the number stored in the field MaximumCount, which set according to the number IRP contain multiple embedded I/O stack locations all of which are allocated at the time the IRP is allocated. Cifs Error Code 13 The kernel variable nt!ExWorkerQueue contains an array of 3 EX_WORK_QUEUE structures which represent the Critical, Delayed and HyperCritical work queues in the system.

The "!process" command displays information from the EPROCESS structure. You can extract the core file using the "apport-unpack" tool, or if you are unsure you can just send us the full crash report file. To do so, go (as Administrator) to the System failure settings by Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings (left side) -> Tab "Advanced" -> "Startup and Recovery" Every KTHREAD structure contains a built in array of KWAIT_BLOCK structures that are used to block the thread on native kernel objects.

These routines are used by drivers to perform actions in the context of a specific process, primarily to get access to the process's user mode virtual address space. Cifs Error Codes And Classes Example The StartVa points to the start of the page and the ByteOffset contains the offset from StartVa where the buffer actually starts. The Event field contains an embedded event structure that is used to block a thread that has requested synchronous I/O operation on a device object for which the owning driver performs My compiler is Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 With regards, Bose Original Message----- From: Marc Glisse [mailto:[hidden email]] Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 7:01 PM To: [hidden email] Subject: RE: [cgal-discuss] Operator

Smb2 Create Response Error Status_object_name_not_found

The field RundownRoutine points to a function that executes when APC is discarded during thread termination. The number of valid entries in the array is in EPROCESS.Vm.WorkingSetSize. Smb Error Codes ERRgeneral 0x001F STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL 0xC0000001 General error. Cifs Error Codes Is it possible to install windows 7 on it.

The Parameters field is a union of multiple structures each representing an I/O operation that the corresponding driver must perform. check my blog The kernel globals CcNumberOfFreeVacbs and CcNumberOfFreeHighPriorityVacbs together determine count of VACBs that are available for allocation. Every process stores the list of ETHREAD structures, representing threads running in the process, in the TheadListHead field of the EPROCESS structure. When a process terminates the function ExSweepHandleTable() closes all handles in the handle table of that process. Cifs_mount Error Codes List

Privacy information: Also be aware that the above kernel dumps could contain unrelated sensitive and private information about you and your system, e.g. The Type field identifies the containing object within which the DISPATCHER_HEADER is embedded. Synchronization Objects nt!_DISPATCHER_HEADER Native kernel objects in Windows are data structures that threads can directly wait on via calls to KeWaitForSingleObject() and its variants. http://themedemo.net/error-code/notes-kernel-error-code-16643.html IRPs can also be allocated by device drivers for I/O requests that are orginate in the kernel.

Unlike kerberos::list, sekurlsa uses memory reading and is not subject to key export restrictions. Invalid Fid KQUEUEs are used to implement executive work queues, thread pools as well as I/O completion ports. Handle tables are allocated from Paged Pool.

Waiting on KGATEs on the other hand is done through a specialized function KiWaitForGate() that does not cater to all the special case conditions, making the code path very efficient.

The variable nt!IoDeviceObjectType points to the OBJECT_TYPE structure for DEVICE_OBJECTs. This IDT is used by the CPU hardware to lookup the ISR and dispatch it during an interrupt or exception. nt!_SHARED_CACHE_MAP SHARED_CACHE_MAP is used by the cache manger to store information about parts of the file that are currently cached in the system cache virtual address space. Status_pipe_not_available DIRQLx.

With Best Regards, Bose -- You are currently subscribed to cgal-discuss. the function that was passed in the CreateThread() for user mode threads and PsCreateSystemThread() for kernel mode threads. b) If I use "Exact_predicates_exact_constructions_kernel", it gives the same old problem as I was getting with homogeneous G:\cgal\CGAL-3.7-beta1\include\CGAL/Kernel/function_objects.h(1878) : error C2678: binary '/' : no operator found which takes a left-hand have a peek at these guys And I have similar problems with using of traits/kernel.

To unsubscribe or access the archives, go to https://lists-sop.inria.fr/wws/info/cgal-discuss « Return to cgal-discuss | 1 view|%1 views Loading... The MDL structure contains the virtual address and the size of the buffer that it describes and for user mode buffers it also points to the process that owns the buffer. If you need normal users to be able to dump a core, you can make the directory world writable with the command: $ sudo chmod o+w /cores How to create dumps Developer Network Developer Network Developer Sign in MSDN subscriptions Get tools Downloads Visual Studio MSDN subscription access SDKs Trial software Free downloads Office resources SharePoint Server 2013 resources SQL Server 2014

Home / Support / Virtual Training Center / NT STATUS ERRORS Error Code Error Code NT Status Description 0x00000000 0x00000000 NT_STATUS_OK "The operation completed successfully." 0xC0000001 0x0000001f NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL "A device attached nt!_MMWSLE The MMWSLE data structure represents the working set list entry for a single page in the process's working set, so there is one MMWSLE structure for every page that is The field ThreadListHead points to the list of threads that are associated with this queue. free pages or pages that are zeroed out.

This error code is only defined when the Direct IPX connectionless transport is in use. Guarded mutexes internally wait on KGATE objects when the mutex is not available. Having an installed base that includes the world-wide field service organizations of StorageTek, Hewlett-Packard, and MTI means the SCSItoolbox is the proven SCSI, Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, and iSCSI test solution ERRaccess 0x0004 STATUS_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED 0xC00000CA EACCES Access denied.

The field ReadyListHead is list of threads that are ready to run in this process. The kernel variable ObTypeIndexTable is an array of pointers that point to OBJECT_TYPE structures for each object type. I've changed the log level in samba up to 6 to see if I could get a more verbose error message, but all I get it the "NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE". If the page was accessed since the last scan, the u1.e1.Age field is reset to zero.