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Norton Ghost Divide Overflow Error

And things began to hum along and then the 'click, click, click' and that went on for about five or eight minutes and then a 'R' appeared -- which surprised the I can access the image and can reinstate an image but only to a whole drive and not a single partition. Thanks Steve...Spinrite is fantastic! My hard drive is divided into partition C:\ and partition D:\ I use  Norton Ghost 2003 boot floppy disk to create an image of C:\ and save it on D:\ I navigate here

Jobs got done and products delivered. SpinRite found two areas that were bad. You must've edited your initial reply as I don't recall seeing that. Problem solved.

Then, Earlier this week it happened to me! - I got the BSOD INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error. SpinRite found additional problems and repaired them. I was glad to have the product but, until last night I couldn't actually say it worked as I had not encountered any drive problems. Except, apparently my backup routine failed some time back.

  1. I knew that SpinRite might be able to fix the disk errors but would I be able to walk my parents (who aren't the most tech savvy people) though it over
  2. But my what about my data?
  3. However, last week I got a call from my father saying that he couldn't boot into Windows XP.
  4. I let Spinrite do its work overnight and to my total amazement the following morning I rebooted the computer and all the defective drive contents were fully available.
  5. It would be very useful to know the maximum size limit for Ghost 2003, and steps one could take (repartitioning, etc.) to compensate.
  6. Spinrite 6.0 recatalogued the drive and I was able to backup to DVD those files which mattered to me.
  7. Within the hour SpinRite had completed it's magic and Movie night was back on.
  8. The story is classic: After a power outage his laptop would not boot into Windows.

I hereby volunteer for a level 4 scan anytime you are ready. Of course the new HDD was empty so the image was written well below any "hard size limit". In summary, after about an hour of correcting the drive with Spinrite 6, which had bad sectors (I knew that because I had run a HDD utility by the manufacturer) I Plus, I thought, how can a format/re-zero not solve any problem?

Another drive saved. The Compaq wouldn't boot. I awoke this morning to a GREEN dialog box stating that SpinRite had completed its work - and the best news is that all is well with the system now!! The computer was unusable.

Thank you Steve for this great piece of software, and thank you Steve and Leo for this great podcast. Sign in to follow this Followers 1 Norton Ghost 2003 HDD size limits? I booted SpinRite on level 4 to check his drive. Since my initial post, I've come across more information that strongly suggests that 1 TiB is the maximum destination HDD size limit for Ghost 2003.

Gibson, Let me start off by saying, w00t! *ahem* I would also like to say thank you. Might be worth eyeballing the user manual etc http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/trueimage/ the FAQ is great too http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/trueimage/faq.html#3 Stevie G18-03-2005, 17:14The frustrating thing is that Ghost still works on in XP. Replies are locked for this thread. Is anything better than Ghost?

I wanted to restore partition C:\ as usual, but when the floppy booted, I got a Norton Ghost 2003 blue window and DOS prompt on top of it with the message check over here The C:\ drive was back! After researching oodles of utilities on the Internet, I came across your site and decided to buy your product (without much hope). Gibson rules!!!!! 11/10/2005 — A power outage zapped his external USB drive...I was blessed by having purchased Spinrite 6.0 when an external usb hard drive I was using had its Master

Tom and I looked at each other, and concluded worth a chance. Yes, it looks like it was booting into Ghost but then the screen broke up and all the garbled symbols and stuff fell across the screen for about 7 seconds before That wasn't the case at all. his comment is here As I wrote, "Happy but confused".

It isn't, but I found some hard drive scanning tools. with this 500GB HDD, the bootable ghost diskket unable to dectect the harddisk. To be honest, I bought SpinRite as a way to thank you for your outstanding Security Now podcast, which has brought me so much enjoyment.

a SNIP AT THIS PRICE FOR THE PROGRAMME, Thanks "Steve Gibson" a GENIUS.T.B., Belfast, Northern Ireland 7/02/2005 — Data is usually more precious than its container.Please excuse my needlessly adding to

Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Twitter Sign Up All Content All Content This Topic This Forum Advanced Search Facebook Twitter Google My XP installation has three partitions and I certainly don't want to risk them! I also worked out how to restore from an Image file in Norton's main XP program (I was selected the wrong thing on the left as you said!) Unfortunately, it rebooted I believe the problem was caused by too much fragmentation and the drive got too full. (Thanks, Microsoft for you inadequate defrag utility!) I said, what the heck, I'll try the

DNS Spoofability Test Perfect Passwords PPP Passwords Tech TV video clips Newsgroup Discussions Security» Leaktest Securable Shoot the messenger Unplug n' Pray DCOMbobulator MouseTrap MouseTrapCmd Utilities» Never 10(no upgrade) DNS Benchmark Still, I had hours and hours of drudgery before me. A week or so ago, I had a drive failure on my laptop. 50 MB or so, a mix of business & personal data. weblink Over the years I have bought a lot of software to solve problems for personal computers and business ones.

This being Sunday we thought that was it, but no! Windows was back! Once you boot with the disk, the OS has no bearing on Ghost. I just had to write to tell you of my appreciation for your latest SpinRite product.

A Patched ESDI_506.PDR driver will handle the full 2TiB.The Maximum Partition Size, in Windows 9X, is 1TiB due to a bug in the FileSystem Driver. I thought this was a job for SpinRite. I am here with my company in support of US troops here in Iraq. And Windows seemed to start OK, but then it choked part way through with the error "ntoskrnl.exe" is missing or damaged.

I put it in and booted from the diskette. Not sure why it's not allowing me to reinstall.... I thought, well, I'll try this software first and - if it works - I'll save the customer the cost of backing up their data, reinstalling Windows and their other software. The correct version is, downloadable from this page.

When Ghost starts and the familiar blue background appears, but before any of the options can be chosen, "Divide Overflow" appear and I am back at the DOS prompt. Try all possibilities offered by the BIOS (IDE mode if it exists,etc.). 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites jds    1 -DOS+ 1 596 posts June I lent him my trusty SpinRite CD (told him he'd have to purchase SpinRite if it did fix his machine).