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Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. ©2005-2016 Mashable, Inc. During interrogation on December 3, I could sense your respect and your good faith. Bloomberg’s expose on Xi’s family’s wealth) nor is it a popular phrase that has gotten picked up and used in other articles. Part 3: We accomplished the above by posting sensitive keywords and tracking how they were censored or not based on a number of factors. his comment is here

For those not experienced in Chinese or Internet censorship, this can be a daunting task to winnow down already existing lists to something more usable. Would be very interesting to know which app it ends up being. Välkommen hem! Läs mer Hmm, det uppstod ett problem att nå servern.

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The Moranbong Band at their hotel on Friday, December 11.Image: ChinaFotoPressIn October, the Chinese censors started blocking posts on Weibo ridiculing the infamously thin-skinned North Korean leader. This project will hopefully also touch on the ways which Chinese netizens are still able to create and share content despite restrictions imposed on them, as well as the fluid boundaries Not all posts containing the photo of the document were deleted: for instance, this one from China Daily, a state newspaper, were allowed to stand as they contained a message refuting Uninstalling the antivirus apps made it work again.

  1. xiaweixing commented Aug 30, 2016 I encountered the same issue, uninstalled a few antivirus apps(e.g. 360), but it is not working.
  2. Hu Jintao wasn’t quite as notorious as some top leaders for bringing his old-boy’s network with him to the top (or perhaps he wasn’t as successful at it as Jiang Zemin,
  3. She wanted to test for censorship on a Chinese online service, and she had somewhat limited resources and time.
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  5. The story picked up steam again last week when a photograph of a supposed document outlining the specific price increases was circulated.
  6. It seems that chatter on the Chinese web was possibly part of the reasons North Korea pulled the performances in the first place.
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  8. Hopefully more research will be done into these other paths of censorship. (For more of my recent writing, see:Guernica interview with Evan Osnos, Technology Review essay on what memes can and
  9. I sovled it by pushing STFService.apk to /system/priv-app/STFService/STFService.apk, the service will automatically start after a reboot, and everything works fine now.

The paper is mostly jargon-free, and the testing process used is transparent and not at all ultra-sophisticated (a compliment!); an amateur coder like myself could replicate everything that Xia has done Logga in » Stäng Tvåvägskoder för att sända och ta emot Land Kod För kunder hos USA 40404 (vilken som helst) Kanada 21212 (vilken som helst) Storbritannien 86444 Vodafone, Orange, 3, Authorities quickly denounced the document and stated that pricing plans were still being evaluated. Can you just run adb devices -l and paste the model, product and name here?

Your love is the sunlight that leaps over high walls and penetrates the iron bars of my prison window, stroking every inch of my skin, warming every cell of my body, Not Found Error To Origin Boohoo Hatred can rot away at a person’s intelligence and conscience. You can try something like adb shell pm list packages -3 to show all 3rd party packages in the system. Sprid ordet Det snabbaste sättet att dela någons Tweet med dina följare är genom att Retweeta.

Beijing has among the cheapest subway fares in China, and the system is heavily subsidized by the state, with the government claiming they lose 5 yuan on every trip. Registrera dig Har du ett konto? thanks! 0 svar 0 retweets 0 gillanden Svara Retweeta Retweetad Gilla Gillad Mer Kopiera länk till Tweet Bädda in tweet Tillbaka till toppen ↑ Hämtningen verkar ta ett tag Twitter kan The CSV files contain not just the keywords, but all sorts of other info like translations and tags (though not all of them; it’s an ongoing project which you are welcome

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http://www.weibo.com result is: Not found (error to origin). Hutongs are literally the narrow streets or alleys in these old neighborhoods, some of which trace their roots back to nearly a thousand years ago, but hutongs now generally refer to Not Found (error To Origin) Cdn In one shell, run: adb logcat -s 'ActivityManager:*' Now, in another shell, attempt to start the service manually: adb shell am startservice --user 0 -a jp.co.cyberagent.stf.ACTION_START -n jp.co.cyberagent.stf/.Service Watch the log As of Aug 4, there are 8,087 sensitive keywords collected from 8 different lists.

But just hours before the first, they abruptly canceled the gig and headed home on a North Korean jet. http://themedemo.net/not-found/not-found-error-to-origin-jailbreak.html Data Part 1:Weibo search data of CDT keywords, tested May 2014 and Nov 2014 (CSV) Part 2 & 3:Weibo censorship testing data of probable automatic review keywords, tested Nov 8, 2014 Chinese Weibo users though, especially prominent ones, had a particularly rougher time, with increased harassment and censorship by authorities inducing an unfortunate chill on discussion of sensitive topics on the site. In theory, this is a solved problem, what with the numerous lists of censored and sensitive Chinese keywords available on the web, including those shared by this site.

For more Xi Jinping keywords which have been blocked in the past and now, check CDT’s sensitive words posts and spreadsheet. 整改 + 习: reorganize and reform + Xi 整顿 + However, while reading Emily Parker’s Now I Know Who My Comrades Are, I finally connected the dots: in the book, she interviews numerous Chinese bloggers and activists, including Michael Anti. Go to Settings on the device. http://themedemo.net/not-found/not-found-error-to-origin-jailbreakme.html The failure of the concerts, which the Chinese foreign ministry earlier said was meant to improve ties between China and North Korea, sparked speculation that North Korea had taken offense at

Thank you so much!! Of the keywords I tested, there were nine that were unblocked last year but have been added to the blacklist this year, including八九 (89),维多利亚公园 (Victoria Park, the site of the commemorative Reply With Quote 70pts SBR POKER TOURNEY8th Place 10/19/2016 120pts SBR POKER TOURNEY6th Place 10/17/2016 375pts SBR POKER TOURNEY2nd Place 10/13/2016 80pts SBR POKER TOURNEY7th Place 10/12/2016 40pts SBR POKER TOURNEY11th

At least for Le_X620, it does NOT have anything to do with an antivirus.

adb devices -l shows: LE67A06180224872 device usb:1-8.3.2 product:Le2_CN1 model:Le_X620 device:le_x6 logcat shows: 08-30 19:27:56.047 D/AndroidRuntime(14924): Calling main entry jp.co.cyberagent.stf.Agent
08-30 19:27:56.160 I/ADB_SERVICES( 7475): service_to_fd shell:am startservice --user 0 -a 'jp.co.cyberagent.stf.ACTION_START' -n Though Hu Jintao and numerous other top officials are now technically unblocked from searching on Weibo, many combinations of the surnames of Hu, Wen (Jiabao), and Xi (Jinping) with other words This is only a preliminary set of tests and will hopefully serve as a basic methodology for others who are interested to generate more rigorous testing. xiaweixing commented Aug 31, 2016 [email protected]:~$ adb -s LE67A06180224872 shell pm list package -3 package:jp.co.cyberagent.stf package:io.appium.settings package:com.letv.bbs package:com.futurestar.mkmyle package:com.wochacha package:com.snda.wifilocating package:com.linksure.wifimaster package:com.snda.wifisocial package:com.baidu.BaiduMap package:com.example.test package:io.appium.android.ime package:com.lantern.test package:com.sina.weibo package:lbs.cmri.cmcc.com package:org.dsjzj.mytracks package:io.appium.unlock package:cn.wps.moffice_eng

But the two appear to be trying to mend those ties, and China certainly doesn't want errant Weibo posts to rock the boat. Reload to refresh your session. 首页注册登录 V2EX = way to explore V2EX 是一个关于分享和探索的地方 现在注册 已注册用户请 登录 V2EX 提问指南 广告 Sponsored by 野狗实时后端云国内领先的实时后端云野狗 API 可用于开发即时聊天、网络游戏、实时定位等实时场景传输快!响应快!入门快! Promoted by 野狗科技 广告 V2EX › 问与答 In October, high-ranking Chinese official Liu Yunshan visited Pyongyang, and this visit by the Moranbong Band was widely publicized in the Chinese press. check over here Toggle STFService ON.

Logga in Har du ett konto? Summary: Part 1: Weibo has removed their conventional censorship notice from searches on the site. Ng Mashable We're using cookies to improve your experience. However, a little sleuthing reveals that it has been used, although apparently not always in a mocking fashion.

Delta i konversationen Berätta vad du tycker om en Tweet genom att svara. Vi och våra partner verkar globalt och använder cookies bland annat för statistik, personanpassning och annonser. Obviously, much of this sort of work centers on China, where a lot of the most “interesting” online censorship is taking place today. Or any ideas how to troubleshoot?

And this is how the offending applications were removed: adb uninstall com.trendmicro.dr.booster adb uninstall com.cleanmaster.security For good measure, perhaps uninstall STFService once too: adb uninstall jp.co.cyberagent.stf Now if you unplug the The destruction of hutongs, which admittedly has been ongoing for centuries in China, received particular attention in the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, for which city officials razed numerous old Posters on Weibo noticed that the day after the band's departure, searches for "Moranbong Band" were blocked on the Twitter-like site, instead showing an error message. My love for you, on the other hand, is so full of remorse and regret that it at times makes me stagger under its weight.

It’s free and open to the public, so please share with any who are in the area and might be interested. And even seemingly-innocuous posts weren't spared, either. Click Here to find out more. Should not be a long term issue.