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If necessary, terminate other applications to free up machine resources. D errPgmExc C 09999

Categories Retrieved from "http://wiki.midrange.com/index.php?title=MONITOR_Error_Codes&oldid=11584" Categories: RPGProgramming Navigation menu Views Page Discussion View source History Personal tools Create account Log in Navigation Main Page Community portal more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed TNS-00025 INTCTL: the ORACLE environment is not set up correctly Cause:The ORACLE environment is incorrectly set up. his comment is here

D errIO C 01299 // 01331 Wait time exceeded for WORKSTN file. TNS-00522 Operation was interrupted Cause:An internal operation was interrupted and could not complete. This error is not normally visible to the user. I ignite this cotton, and it flames ; the oxygen again unites with its beloved carbon ; but an amount of heat equal to that which you see produced by its

The first prefix is "ORA-" and the other is "TNS-." Error messages beginning with the "ORA-" prefixes are generated by the Oracle Server and other Oracle utilities. Action:If error persists contact Worldwide Customer Support. TNS-00113 Failed to open error log file Cause:Could not open error log file during startup of Navigator or Connection Manager due to read or write permission problems or non-existent error directory. Action:Shutdown the previous listener specified by the listener_name before starting this one.

TNS-00507 Connection closed Cause:Normal "end of file" condition has been reached; partner has disconnected. TNS-00236 Failed to initialize tracing Cause:Pump failed to initialize tracing. Action:Check the appropriate SID_DESC in LISTENER.ORA to make sure that the ORACLE_HOME component is pointing to a valid location. Then, when I select files in the Folder Compare to compare I get the error: File MYFILE.jar not found - Native error: 00012 My git config: Code: merge.tool=bc3 mergetool.BeyondCompare3.path=C:/Program Files/Beyond Compare

D errCvtRPGtoJavaArray... This error may be caused by insufficient machine resources. Action:Ensure that the supplied destination address matches one of the addresses used by the listener -- compare the TNSNAMES.ORA entry with the appropriate LISTENER.ORA file (or TNSNAV.ORA if the connection is D errArrIdx C 00121 // 00122 OCCUR value out of range.

If that isn't enough to tell you what the problem is just look through ZipForge.pas for the error code in a raise statement. TNS-00108 TNS_ADMIN not defined Cause:TNS_ADMIN pointer is not set. Action:Define the LOCAL_COMMUNITIES fields correctly in TNSNAV.ORA. D errInvalOccur C 00122 // 00123 RESET attempted during initialization.

TNS-00310 Navigator: Failed to start tracing after rereading parameter data Cause:Message sent back to control program from Navigator. Action:Check LISTENER.ORA for a line of the form: sid = (SID=(ORACLE_HOME=oracle_home)) or sid = (SID_DESC=(ORACLE_HOME=oracle_home)) The above format is no longer supported and the SID_LIST_listener_name format described in the SQL*Net Administrator's If all addresses are correct and the problem persists, please contact Worldwide Customer Support. The listener will deallocate the listen address and connections will no long be accepted for this address.

TNS-00010 INTCTL: Error while flushing NS context Cause:Internal NS error; connection may be lost. this content Action:Define the correct data for the Connection Manager, then restart the INTCTL program. Action:Be sure to see that the new password has legal ASCII characters. D FileIsOpen C 01215 * (All) Error on an implicit OPEN/CLOSE operation.

Action:Retry command. TNS-0021 INTCTL: missing INTERCHANGE_DATA in INTCHG.ORA Cause:INTCHG.ORA does not contain an INTERCHANGE_DATA component. TNS-00032 INTCTL:internal NS error Cause:Problem interfacing with TNS. weblink TNS-00200 Unable to do nsanswer on context: result=string Cause:Requester of service may have aborted or options negotiation failed.

Regenerate TNSNET.ORA using the Oracle Network Manager. TNS-00248 Unable to get information from file: string: Exiting with NR error: string Cause:TNSNAV.ORA is poorly configured or addresses provided are already being used by another application. D JNIRPGtoJavaAErr...

The addresses provided for either the Navigator or Connection Manager may be incorrectly constructed.

If error persists, contact Worldwide Customer Support. TNS-02516 No data available Cause:A native service attempt to retrieve data but no data was available to be received. D C 00305 * Error converting RPG return value to Java array. Action:Check the ADDRESS(es) defined in TNSNET.ORA (for the Connection Manager) for errors.

Comment: This error is reported only on UNIX platforms. D NumSeqErr C 01071 * (W) No indicator on the DDS keyword for Print key. TNS-00525 Insufficient privilege for operation Cause:Operating system failed to complete operation because user lacked sufficient privileges. check over here Action: None.

If the problem persists, call Worldwide Customer Support. TNS-00130 Failed to create Interchange's internal address Cause:There is an error in one of the addresses listed in TNSNET.ORA. Action:None.