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Notes Error Signature On Document Is Invalid Inconsistent Field Signatures

It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. most likely from here.Gcomyn RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 TrekFan (Programmer) 4 May 04 14:47 Hi Harsh25 ,What Caf says is correct about using an array for multiple recipients ... I've never been good with arrays...Could someone help with this... would you mind answering this one riddle:Can I attach ANY type of file via the code you've posted?Or only a rich text object?In other words - can I attach Excel spreadsheets, his comment is here

Lotus Notes Public Group, 433 members Primary Navigation ConversationsPhotosFilesAttachmentsEventsPollsLinksDatabaseAbout More Secondary NavigationHelpAttachmentsEventsPollsLinksDatabaseAboutEdit Membership Back View NextPreviousFixed Width FontView Source19531Inconsistent field signatures errorExpand MessagesmmastenMar 22, 1999 I am using the script command I've got it working... By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Thanks, Ed Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/ Before you buy. 2.

RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 mjvitale (Programmer) 19 May 04 08:15 I can pass all the fields correctly to Lotus Notes via ShellExecuteA, except the body.body="whatever" is not picked up Since LotusScript has no way of determining if a field is rich text or not when doing the EmbedObject, the editor will now check and activate the object out of place.SPR# LS:DOSPR# DMAN3JETXA, HNIO3JX92Z, BBAN3KWPCK, DMAN3KGP6D, DMAN3CRQES, DMAN3JHRSC, DMAN3HKRA7 - Fix multiple problem with the ODBC driver, in particular its inability to be used in a multi-threaded http server environment. will be GREATLY appreciated!

  1. Searching Lotus Notes' knowledge base yields a lot of documents that really don't help much.
  2. Update the entry?.SPR# DDEY3K7QY2 - Fix URL strings to automatically become hotspots when the string is created in a subform.SPR# DMKA33GLZA - Prevent a user with the same name as a
  3. the mulitples...
  4. HPFS.SPR# MHAC3H4MDJ - Prevent browsers from receiving the error, Error 500 - HTTP: Unknown Exception, when attempting to access a document which contains an attachment which is contained in a cut
  5. SPR # JSMH3J8HHD - Prevent the deletion of the time for a calendar entry which has a time range.SPR# BLEE3LRCJ2 - Prevent receiving the LotusScript error, Overflow (CopyChanges), when dragging and
  6. Previously all but one line was displayed but there was no indication that another line existed.SPR# BLON3KPMQZ - Prevent a workstation crash with PANIC: Lookup Handle.
  7. You can then set a reference to it thru VB and you'll have the object model available to you.Hope this helps caf RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 2 Nikita6003 (Programmer)

Personal Web NavigatorSPR# KSOA3KH3SW - Fix the Page Minder and Web Ahead agents in the Personal Web Navigator so that they work with authenticated pages. The problem that was fixed allowed spaces to be included in the arguments presented to the Mail Upgrade utility. Web ServerSPR# LASH3GTNLC - Fix a problem so that AgentRun and Agent.Execute functions do not cause the server to terminate when called more than once within a single API application session. You have to put the entire path in the array, or lotus wont be able to find them.strFN = Dir(strPath & Me.txtAgency & "*.*")Do While strFN <> ""strAttachments(intCount) = strPath &

Has anyone else had problems with this? Join Us! *Tek-Tips's functionality depends on members receiving e-mail. Peter Meachempeter @ accuflight.com RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 Zeroanarchy (TechnicalUser) 26 Nov 02 18:49 Ok for those of you who are more expereinced in lotus notes do you know Because Notes creates this field when needed, you cannot control that signed property.

I am trying to come up with a universal method of emailing rather than write a executable file for every type of email system also the idea of having to install DiscussionSPR# PMOL3GDKHS - Fix display problems in databases created from the Discussion template on the Macintosh.SPR# SSHE3JMJF8 - Fix the InitializeThreadIDs agent in the Discussion database template to not have a This erroneous error was reported intermittently because the previous agent run on a given Web Server thread had an error.SPR# JSTN398PPD - Fix a problem in which the AppendRTItem method on The message which was logged was Router: Waiting for 1 delivery thread(s) to quit.

Hope this helps someone else out there. Freezing all server threads ... Any help with an example would be highly appreciated.thanks,netizen RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 Cyberguy321 (IS/IT--Management) 10 Aug 03 12:35 I would like to develop a VB application to read Other workarounds: - Turn OFF signing on all fields in a section. - Turn ON signing on all fields in a section.

Error 7000: Signature on document is invalid I am using Access to do some things which result in a MS Excel file being generated, and then Notes needs to mail it http://themedemo.net/notes-error/notes-error-field-value-cannot-be-edited.html RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 SpiderBear6 (Programmer) 15 Oct 03 01:21 Hey mcoko ... An extension to your real life group of friends, interests and communities. You can send multiple email addresses.strCC = Array("NAM Supervisors")'The Blind Carbon Copies of the email.

It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. You might want to copy and paste the raw plain text from the old UI in the new UI so that you don't loose information.In this field owners can describe what This problem occurred when rich text was entered in a new field using LotusScript immediately before sending the document.SPR# JROL3LMRF4 - Fix errors in the argument handling for the NotesDatabase method, http://themedemo.net/notes-error/notes-error-document-has-invalid-structure.html UNIX platforms: Client SPR# DQUY3KNPTG - Fix a client problem on AIX where when multiple windows are open, the Infobox focus does not change correctly - the focus remains in the

Anyone can help? RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 GComyn (Programmer) 30 Apr 04 14:30 Ok... This problem was introduced in R4.5.2.SPR# FPAI3KERDC - Fix a problem with the font table section of a document exported in rich text format on the Macintosh.SPR# MOBN3J8JFS - Fix a

which appeared under certain circumstances when you edited a location record in your Personal Address Book.Client/workstation (OS/2 only) SPR# NNGG377P9T - Fix the printing of radio buttons and check boxes on

Server SPR# JCOS3KXJGU - Fixed a problem where migrating a Domino AIX Server from 4.51 to 4.52, a faulty error message is received indicating that there is not enough disk space. what i did is use the vb split function wicht convers a comma separated string (wich has the list of addreses) to an array !Here is the code .. What's new : see video Sign In OR Start a New Group You must be a registered Yahoo user to start a group.Sign Up Get the app Browse Groups Terms Privacy See more posts from mmasten Topics 06 History of changes 01 Notes and Domino Release 4.5.3Client, Server Notes and Domino Release 4.5.3 The Release 4.5.3 new enhancements included in the 4.6.x

SOLUTION: Mail.Send --> Notes error... (Scott Russo 3.Feb.03) Document options Print this page Search this forum Forum views and search Date (threaded) Date (flat) With excerpt Author Category Platform Release Chris Set MailDoc = ConINVdb.CreateDocument MailDoc.form = "TEST" MailDoc.ReplyTo = UpgradeDoc.NewReplyTo MailDoc.sendto = ConInvDoc.From(0) & "@" & UpgradeDoc.MailDomain(0) MailDoc.Recipients = ConInvDoc.From(0) & "@" & UpgradeDoc.MailDomain(0) Set rtitem = MailDoc.CreateRichTextItem( "Body" ) Here is the function:

 Public Function SendNotesDoc()   Dim objNotesSession As Object   Dim objNotesDatabase As Object   Dim objNotesBuildDocument As Object   Dim objAttachment As check over here RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 mcoko (TechnicalUser) 19 Nov 02 09:01 I have a question to add.How do you send to multiple recipients.I tried for example:strRecipient = "Username1, Username2"but that 

RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 GLuebben (MIS) 3 May 04 16:35 Believe it or not, I had just returned to this issue this morning for a project.My attempts last summer Then I tell the script to use the 2nd field, 3rd field, etc. LAN/WANSPR# ERYR3JBQV4 - Correct a problem on Windows NT, where server performance on the LAN slows down dramatically when a modem connection is established.SPR# NSHS3GTAXA - Prevent an error indicating that RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 GComyn (Programmer) 7 May 04 16:09 When you pass the entire path of the file that you want to attach, it doesn't matter what type

Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework. but it would help if you put the declaration line here as well.... RE: Lotus Notes E-mail using VB6 mcoko (TechnicalUser) 3 Dec 02 11:10 Does anyone know how to pass a password from the VB code to the Lotus Database.I want my program