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In this case, you should complete the following steps:Load the DSREPAIR utility by entering the following command at the server console:LOAD DSREPAIRSelect Advanced Options from the main menu, and then select Please visit http://support.novell.com/filefinder/6385/index.html to get the latest NetWare support pack. To make sure PAdmin is running in NDS mode, select Utility, Switch to NDS mode, or select an NDS context in Pcontrol, right-click, and choose Pcounter, Accounting. Novell makes all reasonable efforts to verify this information. weblink

Because segment 2 in Server 1 connects to server 2, the network interface board for that segment in server 2 must also use an IPX address of 2.The other segment in Bookmark Email Document Printer Friendly Favorite Rating: error -659 while running PKIDIAGThis document (3623691) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. The time now is 11:37 PM. © 2016 Micro Focus Novell Documentation Novell Documentation is best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Background modifications to objects will fail when the target server has a modification timestamp higher than the source server.

Novell makes all reasonable efforts to verify this information. Environment Novell Identity Manager 3.0eDirectory Driver Situation When starting the eDirectory Driver the following errors are encountered.DirXML Log Event ------------------- Driver: \IDVAULT\DirXML\Bsure\VaultEdir Channel: Publisher Object: \MIHOUSE\ADM\bvd (IDVAULT\ADM\bvd) Status: Retry Message: Code(-9011) The driver will wait on this event until it is processed, before it will process the next event. By looking at the timestamps on the schema classes and attributes, it was determined that the timestamps were set to far into the future, therefore the DPIPINST.NLM would not extend the

Pcounter queue configurations are not being applied If Pcounter is managing NDS queues, make sure that the queue configuration is not being done in bindery mode. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. You can download this article from http://www.nwconnection.com/aug.98/techsp88 (no longer available))In addition, you should be familiar with Novell’s NDS management utilities, such as the NetWare Administrator (NWADMIN) utility, the NDS Manager utility, Document ID: 10076196 Solution ID: NOVL83545 Creation Date: 29Oct2002 Modified Date: 10May2005 Novell Product Class:NetWareNovell eDirectorySecurity Components disclaimer The Origin of this information may be internal or external to Novell.

Alternatively, open the Pcounter server configuration in NDS mode, and on the Printing page, right-click on the queue and choose Configure queue. Wbalance uses numerical format Currency instead of Pages All of the Pcounter Global and Popup settings are kept in SYS:PUBLIC\PCOUNTER.INI. If you encounter such a problem, you should not hesitate to open a support incident with Novell Technical Services. No matter how minor the NDS problem is, you should also ensure that no changes are made to the NDS database until this problem is resolved.Mickey Applebaum has worked with NetWare

This error code indicates a problem with obituaries in the NDS tree. Click here to see the non-JavaScript version of this site. Error -659 ERR_TIME_NOT_SYNCHRONIZED. (Last modified: 10May2005) This document (10076196) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this You should also keep in mind several points as you set a server to the correct time zone:The default time zone setting is -x from the Universal Time Coordinate (UTC) (formerly Further it seems to be happening with > attempting to change passwords as well. > > Any ideas? > > dschaldenovell29-May-2012, 17:34alekz;2198468 Wrote: > Make sure that time is in sync.

fact DirXML 1.1 DirXML 1.1a Nsure Identity Manager 2.x eDirectory 8.7.x eDirectory 8.6.x symptom Error -659 ERR_TIME_NOT_SYNCHRONIZED. -659 in DirXML Trace When DirXML tries to write the association back on a Select the Workstation Package and choose Details. DSTRACE shows "ALL PROCESSED = YES". This fault occurs when a server cannot perform the synchronization process with another server in the NDS tree because the time information for the two servers does not match.To resolve a

Reply With Quote « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Bookmarks Bookmarks Twitter Facebook Google Digg del.icio.us StumbleUpon Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may not post replies http://themedemo.net/novell-error/novell-error-215.html Click the LOGIN link in the forum header to proceed. However, the information provided in this document is for your information only. NDS creates an obituary when an object is deleted, renamed, or moved to another NDS context.

Please post the output from that command here, thanks. > I also gained that information from iMonitor, just wish I could find > some additional insights as to what it "means"? Or, you can read "The Doctor Is In: Performing an NDS Health Check,"NetWare Connection, Dec. 1997/Jan. 1998, pp. 33-41. (You can download this article from http://www.nwconnection.com/dec.97-jan.98/ndshcd7 (no longer available)COMMON NDS ERROR Add queues which have already been configured for printing to the Queue Monitor mode list. check over here If you want a more complete list of NDS error codes, you should read the "DS Error Codes" TID (document number 11299).-601 Error CodeOne of the most common NDS error codes

To submit a question for a future column, please send an e-mail message to [email protected], or send a fax to 1-801-228-4576.Novell Directory Services (NDS) problems can range from minor irritations that Consult your product manuals for complete trademark information. In Figure 1, segments 1 and 3 are nonconnected segments; segment 2 is a connected segment.Figure 1: To avoid address conflicts, you must ensure that nonconnected segments have a unique IPX

For more information about the -601 error code, you should read the "601 Error in the DSTRACE Screens" TID (document number 2912901).-625 Error CodeAnother common NDS error code is the -625

Run Pcontrol 1.10 (from Pcounter 5.10), select the NDPS Manager, right click, choose Pcounter Configuration. This problem may occur under the following circumstances:The servers are running different versions of the DS NetWare Loadable Module (NLM).When the NDS object was created, it was not fully replicated across For example, if you entered EST5EDT as the time zone for a particular server, this server would adopt a time zone setting of -5 because Eastern standard time (EST) is five Load DSREPAIR -A | Advanced Options | Global Schema operations | Login | Declare a new epoch3.

If these servers are running the latest version of the DS NLM or if you have only one server in the NDS tree, chances are that the NDS object was not You should also be familiar with the DSTRACE function at the server console.DETERMINING THE NDS PROBLEMIn most cases, you must use the DSTRACE function at the server console to determine the Because saturation is sometimes caused by poor performance or malfunctioning drivers, you should ensure that you have installed the latest LAN drivers, WAN drivers, and support files on all servers in this content To learn more about using the DSTRACE function, you can read the following technical information documents (TIDs), which you can download free from Novell’s Support Connection World-Wide Web site (http://support.novell.com):"DSTRACE Commands,

Also, if users are logging into multiple servers, Wbalance may not be looking for PCOUNTER.INI on the expected server. Pcounter.nlm terminates with error: "Unable to authenticate connection - error -669 or FFFFFD63" We're not exactly sure what causes this error, but it can usually be fixed by setting the Pcounter To do so, you would enter JST+9 as the time zone setting.The letters (such as JST) surrounding the number (such as +9) in the time zone setting are relatively meaningless. Error in NLM: Error -659 writing balance Description of error -659: The time synchronization provided for use by NDS is not synchronized between the source and target servers.

Jim -- Jim Henderson, CNA6, CDE, CNI, LPIC-1, CLA10, CLP10 Novell Knowledge Partner Edward van der Maas29-May-2012, 23:44dschaldenovell wrote: > ndsrepair -T shows all servers up to time. Any ideas? -- dschaldenovell ------------------------------------------------------------------------ dschaldenovell's Profile: http://forums.novell.com/member.php?userid=93234 View this thread: http://forums.novell.com/showthread.php?t=456322 alekz29-May-2012, 13:54Make sure that time is in sync. This error will occur while opening a queue's Pcounter configuration or while trying to do a queue print history or report. However, the testing phase for this NLM has not completed yet and should be considered beta.

Do the servers appear when you enter the NLIST SERVERS /A command while you are logged in to the network as the ADMIN user. (If the servers reside in different NDS cause It usually happens when servers aren't in time sync with each otherand data is replicated from a serverthat has timeahead of the DirXML server. Novell is now a part of Micro Focus Home Micro Focus Home Skip to Content Knowledgebase FAQ Register Your Product Support Handbook My Favorites My Favorites Close Please Make sure that you set it the same as the password which was set in Pcontrol.

Consult your product manuals for complete trademark information. Information about server time synchronization: http://support.novell.com/servlet/tidfinder/10058645 Pcontrol error: Bindery mode is not supported on \\SERVER\QUEUE. The current work around is to createa custom style sheet that queries the time stamp of te object and waits until time is current before it tries to write the association. To protect this information, you should make a verified backup of the NDS database before you attempt to troubleshoot NDS problems. (See "Technically Speaking: Backing Up NDS,"NetWare Connection, Aug. 1998, pp.

PCOUNTER.NLM error: Error -603 reading printer PrinterName configuration. The queue configuration options Enable popup window, Hold all jobs, and Count jobs in advance are not dynamic, and require PCOUNTER.NLM to be reloaded. For example, you are maintaining a nonpartitioned tree across a WAN link.You changed the server name and the internal IPX address in a server’s AUTOEXEC.NCF file without first removing the old Solution: Restore the original version of NDPSM.NLM that was previously running and reload it.

In other words, can you attach to and map a drive to each server? If you find a slow WAN link on the network, you have two options: increase the speed of this link or redesign the NDS tree to reduce the amount of synchronization Bindery objects are recorded by simple name only, while NDS objects are recorder by full canonical name (name.ou.org).