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Bookmark Email Document Printer Friendly Favorite Rating: DSfW: ERROR:root:{'info': 'NDS error: no such entry (-601)', 'matched': 'ou=OESSystemObjects,o=Novell', 'desc': 'No such object'}This document (7016389) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the That is when things are working. It is the single stop reference covering topics from good design to proactive/reactive problem resolution. Module MDB.NLM load status OK Loading module MDBDS.NLM Module AUDITEXT.NLM load status OK MDB eDirectory Driver (Build ) Version 2.00.02 June 28, 2006 (c)2003-2006 Novell, Inc. weblink

Loading... Alas, like all good things, nothing is perfect, and as time went on, Novell realized they needed to fix some of the issues with the traditional NDS (I like to call There are some complexities to getting it going, like getting Java keystore set up, and getting the syntax correct. Be careful when using DN syntax attributes!

Netware Error

However, the information provided in this document is for your information only. This was a reversible version of your password, and they introduced a whole slew of bits and pieces needed to make this all work. Oh, well … Error -610 -610 is "illegal name". In the LDAP case, you would get CN=This whereas in an eDirectory case you would end up with just This.

Try a Client32 bind with NMAS to test UP as well, then try on a client with NMAS installed. Each system has its own set of specific error messages, some are analogous to others (669 in eDir, LDAP 49, subtype 52e in Active Directory for bad password attempts), while others The information presented in this book is based on his hands-on experience in assisting many companies around the world implement NDS and eDirectory trees of various sizes. The better you understand schema the faster you will troubleshoot it!

We provide pre-deployment assessments, UC component monitoring, automated problem diagnostics and analysis for consistent results. Novell Error Code C000000f He includes information that his clients had to pay $10,000 a week to receive, including practical coverage of NDS, upgrading to 6.0, and thousands of detailed instructions to accomplish virtually any NMAS error codes A side tip, if you are searching for error codes, you need to include the minus sign. Universal Password (UP hence forth as it is quite a mouthful to type all the time) is encrypted in eDirectory with the tree's SDI (Security Domain Infrastructure) key.

Learn more about Disaster Recovery Recover workloads reliably after an outage Get back to business after an outage Protect from site-wide outages Protect both physical and virtual servers High-performance disaster recovery: Novell makes no explicit or implied claims to the validity of this information. This is a pretty generic error, and worth mentioning in an eDirectory specific error list, since it is actually the engine, not the driver per se that has expired. Peter has helped users from around the world in the capacity as a volunteer sysop for both the Novell Product Support Forums and Novell Developer Support Forums.

Novell Error Code C000000f

Usually you have constructed an invalid target name somehow. The client encrypts a random number with the password you just typed it. Netware Error Novell's Guide to Troubleshooting eDirectory is the definitive source for information on eDirectory troubleshooting techniques. Error -603 -603 is very common: "attribute not found".

Novell Identity Manager heavily leverages this password, so that you can synchronize it between different systems, and a change anywhere that gets sent back to eDirectory can then be forwarded on have a peek at these guys Well from a pure security perspective, you betcha. Request a Call › Sales: (888) 323-6768 Support: (713) 418-5555 © Micro Focus Legal Privacy Scroll to Top View Desktop Site Cookies helpen ons bij het leveren van onze diensten. Easy enough to fix, get the object name correct. (Note it is in LDAP syntax, I just like typing in eDir syntax better!) No UP set on user: java -jar DumpPasswordInformation.jar

Often this is a chained error, perhaps there was a problem decoding it first, and then after all the other errors, you get a 16049 which is summing up the end If you are not aware of how to troubleshoot Identity Manager drivers, then I highly recommend you read the following set of articles. Users are not usually containers (except in dumbo implementations like one of the PBX/VOIP phone vendors did, where they made users that contained objects with settings, and I think I recall check over here Learn more about Unified Communications and VoIP Management Deploy or expand Voice over IP (VoIP) Improve VoIP quality of service Maintain VoIP capacity Manage mixed unified communications (UC) Unified communications and

Specify the container I wanted to move the user into, not the destination complete path). Request a Call › Sales: (888) 323-6768 Support: (713) 418-5555 © Micro Focus Legal Privacy Scroll to Top View Desktop Site The more, the merrier - and the better - we will all be for it! (0 votes, average: 0.00 out of 5)You need to be a registered member to rate this

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In this case, I had rebuilt the DN by hand in Policy, so I had pre-prended a CN= before the local variable where I had the object name resulting from the Once you assign a driver set to a server, it will then start auto loading vrdim, and dxevent as soon as eDirectory starts on that server. (On Netware it is an Start thinking about why the referenced object is not there. Look at the name and see what is wrong.

Novell eDirectory is comparable to Microsoft's Active Directory and is designed for large-scale, high-end directory deployments. You would quickly be able to see what the passwords are set to in all three trees. true ===> Password Status <=== ==> Universal Password <== Is UPwd Enabled: true Is the UPwd history full: false Does UPwd match NDSPwd: false Does UPwd match SimplePwd: false Is UPwd this content Provide Feedback Let's talk.

With the release of NetWare 5 and the addition of the Native File Access Pack supporting CIFS (Common Internet File System, aka SMB (Server Message Block) protocol file access, like Samba The tool can output the found passwords in proper format to an LDIF file, which can then be applied back. (Which is how I fixed the lab tree where the SDI Additionally it is not case sensitive, and if I remember this correctly, effectively stores the entire password as upper case. Module LCACHE.NLM load status OK Novell Audit Cache: Log Cache Dir : sys:/etc/logcache Novell Audit Platform Agent: All log channels have failed.

This is of course by design. The write will probably throw a 608 error. Error -609 -609 "illegal attribute" is pretty common. Novell has a tool called DiagPWD to try and help: Universal Password Diagnostic Utility, Version 4 There is a nice wrapper to try and parse the results to report users with

Novell makes all reasonable efforts to verify this information. That means access to the raw data is not as useful as you have to attempt to brute force the passwords. (That may not be much protection in these days were Things like requiring interestingly complex passwords to secure them, but also control over which passwords are stored (Simple, NS or UP). You get a 16049 error, which means no password was read.

This to me, is one of the more interesting parts of working with Identity Manager. Finally we renamed logevent.nlm and we could start the engine up. Novell Audit Platform Agent: All log channels have failed. All rights reserved.