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The creator name space is the first in the group and a right-angle bracket (>) appears next to it. If you can't find the problem from that, you can send a memory image to Novell for further analysis. While at the Abend screen, and prior to obtaining a core dump or exiting to DOS, press and hold down the following keys: weblink

Section 5.6.1, Understanding Log Files Section 5.6.2, Setting the Log Level Section 5.6.3, Configuring Log File Rotation Section 5.6.4, Gathering Log Files for Novell Technical Services 5.6.1 Understanding Log Files The To obtain this number, work through your Novell Support Representative, or call 1-800-NETWARE and open a support incident. You can also filter the access log so that only entries containing specific information is returned, such as a specific IP address or date. For these two reasons, this section describes the simple steps to manually create a log file in NetWare 4.10 and 3.12 that is similar to the ABEND.LOG file in IntranetWare.

Three Ways to Initiate a Memory Image Copy On a NetWare server, a memory image copy can be initiated in one of three ways: By answering the prompts generated by NetWare The Esc key allows you to exit SBCON one screen at a time until you reach the Main Menu. As shown in Figure 6, you can now fill in the stack trace portion of the Abend Log File worksheet.

  1. Figure 3-6 Apache View Access Log Viewing the Access Log Viewing the Error Log Filtering Access and Error Log Data Setting Access Log Preferences Enabling Log Rotation Specifying a Log File
  2. or Click Save > Save and Apply to save your changes and restart Apache so your changes are immediately put into effect.
  3. To enable the rotation of log files based on a specified time period: From the Log Preferences page, select the By Time option to have the logs switched when a specified
  4. This can be any number between 1 and 500.
  5. As long as the REMOVE DOS command is not issued, DOS thinks the drive is still there.
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Ensure that you have met the prerequisites detailed in Section 3.1, Prerequisites for Performing SBCON Tasks. Novell also provides several methods for you to send your memory image for analysis by Novell Worldwide Support. * Originally published in Novell AppNotes Disclaimer The origin of this information may If your Vibe site was originally installed as a Teaming 2.0 or Vibe site, the root of your site is referred to as org.kablink in the Tomcat error log. In the Rotate Error Log field, select whether you want error logs rotated after a specified file size has been reached or after a specified period of time has passed.

Note: Refer to the "Resolving Critical Server Issues" AppNote (Feb. 1995, p. 35) for amore detailed description of the different types of Abends. Stop Vibe, then start Vibe to put the new logging level into effect. 5.6 Working with Log Files Log files provide useful information about the functioning of the various Mobility system Figure 7: The results of the ".m" debugger command. Exiting the Debugger To exit the debugger and return to the main server console screen, type "g

Now boot the client as a server by running SERVER.EXE from the DOS partition or boot diskette. By reviewing an Abend log file and then visiting Novell's technical support web site, you can often find a resolution without ever having to contact Novell. A memory image or core dump is a byte-for-byte image of a NetWare server's memory--a "snapshot" of a server's RAM at the time it abended. To filter the number of access log entries displayed: In the Number of Entries field, specify the number of log entries you want displayed at one time.

On a server with 512MB of RAM, for example, the core dump will result in a 512MB image file, which can be difficult to handle. or Click Save > Save and Apply to save your changes and restart Apache so your changes are immediately put into effect. When this happens, the error file contains messages similar to the following: Error restoring namespace specific information of XXXX:tmp/hosts in NFS namespace, error 0x7! View information contained in the log and error files.

Set the location using one or more of the following methods: Press Enter to accept the default location, then press Esc to return to the Main Menu. have a peek at these guys This log level puts the least load on the Mobility system because it logs only critical errors, but it does not log sufficient data to help resolve any errors that occur. Record the complete path (for example, f:\sys:\cdump). You will not be charged until the incident is resolved or closed.

Attach the device, set up the drive letter, and then boot the server. For those who have NetWare 4.10 and NetWare 3.12 servers, the second part of the AppNote explains how to manually create an ABEND.LOG file using the NetWare internal debugger. Once again, a pattern in the stack trace of several Abends will provide clues as to the possible cause. check over here Second, a great deal of troubleshooting can be done prior to sending a core dump to Novell.

When a server experiences an Abend, copy the memory image to the drive letter of the device. Tracking visibility to search engines: Identifies which search engines are indexing your site. Earlier versions of NetWare produced generic messages such as "Page Fault Processor Exception".

or Click Save > Save and Apply to save your changes and restart Apache so your changes are immediately put into effect.

This method can speed up the memory image copying process by as much as four to five times over the other outlined methods. If you have not set the location of log and error files, do so now using one or more of the following methods: Press Enter to accept the default location, then Note: For NetWare 3.11, a NetWare Loadable Module called HDUMP.NLM is availablewhich allows you to write the image file to a local DOS partition or network driveinstead of to a floppy Press Insert to choose from a list of network directories, choose a directory, press Esc to exit and then go to Step 3.

Again, an open support incident is required. Often the process belongs to the module that is causing the Abend. The data displayed in the command prompt window is not logged by Tomcat on Windows. this content Press Esc when finished to return to the Main Menu. 3.6.5 Deleting the Log Files SBCON allows you to overwrite sessions and reuse storage media.

For more information about log file rotation, see Enabling Log Rotation, where the subject is discussed in the context of access log files. The CLF format is: host ident authuser date request status bytes Alternately, you can select from the list of data types that you want Apache to log by checking one or You can manage these files as follows: Create these files. For information about where configuration information is stored, see Section 2.3.3, Saving Configuration Changes and Restarting Apache in Apache Manager.

Log in as the Vibe site administrator. Click the MB drop-down list and select the number of megabytes at which the logs should be rotated. The file should be zipped first and then placed in the "incoming" directory. Search for the running process and the NLM that triggered the Abend.

Click Save > Save to save your changes. This summary of the state of the server at the time of the Abend helps you more readily identify and isolate the cause of the problem. or Click Save > Save and Apply to save your changes and restart Apache so your changes are immediately put into effect. The drive can then be moved onto a DOS PC, from which the image file can be compressed and sent to Novell.

Figure 6: The results of the "dds" debugger command. Step 7: Issue a ".m" Command Issuing an .m command at the debugger prompt displays a information about the currently loaded