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How to sniff SOAP messages exchanged between WCF Service Host and Test Client In my article "How to create and test WCF Web Service" I described how to implement simple Calculator NoAbort: FunctionEnd .onUserAbort This callback is called when the user hits the 'cancel' button, and the install hasn't already failed. Disclaimers Reference/ClearErrors From NSIS Wiki ClearErrors Clears the error flag. The last parameter specifies how big the copy is (in kilobytes), so that the installer can approximate the disk space requirements. http://themedemo.net/nsis-error/nsis-error-flag-example.html

ReadRegDWORD user_var(output)root_keysub_keyname Reads a 32 bit DWORD from the registry into the user variable $x. More Completely free for any use. The error flag is set if the dword could not be written to the registry. Lines beginning with ; or # are comments.

Nsis Iferrors Example

The error flag is set if the process could not be launched. The error flag will be set if an out of range section is specified. How to handle event when user clicks on a main men... Variables: The following are modifiable variables that are usable in Instructions: $INSTDIR The installation directory ($INSTDIR is modifiable using StrCpy, ReadRegStr, ReadINIStr, etc. - This could be used, for example, in

  1. If the '.onInit' function calls Abort, the installer will quit instantly.
  2. If an error occurs writing, the error flag will be set.
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  4. Be careful with this one.
  5. Must be a full pathname, usually is just $INSTDIR (you can specify $INSTDIR if you are lazy with a single "-").
  6. It converts Python scripts into executable Windows programs, able to run wit...
  7. Error checking.
  8. If the search is completed (there are no more files), filename_output is set to empty, and the error flag is set.
  9. The first type is the default (generally 'Typical').
  10. If the string ends in ".exe", it will automatically remove the filename component of the string (i.e.

Valid flags are 'on' and 'off'. 'on' is the default. Sections: Each NSIS installer contains one or more Sections. To figure out which page you are on, you can just keep a counter and increment it on .onNextPage, and decrement it on .onPrevPage. The string can then be Popped off of the stack. Example: Function un.onUserAbort MessageBox MB_YESNO "Abort uninstall?" IDYES NoCancelAbort Abort ; causes uninstaller to not quit.

Sets the user output variables with the high and low dwords of the timestamp on success; on failure the outputs are empty and the error flag is set. Thanks! The type of the string will be REG_SZ for WriteRegStr, or REG_EXPAND_STR for WriteRegExpandStr. WriteRegDWORD root_keysubkeykey_namevalue This command writes a dword (32 bit integer) to the registry (a user variable FileWrite handlestring Writes a string to a file opened with FileOpen.

The error flag is set if the key could not be removed from the registry (or if it didn't exist to begin with). It's worth noting that if /D= is specified on the command line (to override the install directory), it won't be in $CMDLINE. Setting this to an empty string ("") uses the default; to set the string to blank, use " " (a space). Uninstall support (installer can automagically generate an uninstaller) Optional installer self-verification using a CRC32.

Nsis Clearerrors

Section [section_name] Begins annd opens a new section. FileReadByte handleuser_var(output) Reads a byte from a file opened with FileOpen. Nsis Iferrors Example Depending on the received event,... Nsis Execwait If error, the variable is set to empty, and the error flag is set.

Can be 'false' or 'true'. have a peek at these guys Examples: "InstProgressFlags" (default old-school windows look), "InstProgressFlags smooth" (new smooth look), "InstProgressFlags smooth colored" (colored smooth look whee). What�s worse is, you don�t know what that problem is all about and where it came from. Install logging: LogSet, LogText. Nsis Messagebox

Function function_name Creates and opens a function named function_name. Abort user_message Cancels the install, stops execution of script, and displays user_message in the status display. It is recommended (but not required) that you use $R1-$R9 as local registers, and $0-$9 as global values. check over here Note that the output file name is $OUTDIR\filename_portion_of_file.

If windowclass or windowtitle is specified as "", they will not be used for the search. The error flag will be set if an out of range section is specified. ClearErrors File file.dat IfErrors 0 +2 Call ErrorHandler Command introduced with NSIS v1.2g Retrieved from "http://nsis.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Reference/IfErrors&oldid=23609" Views PageCommentView sourceHistory Personal tools Create account Log in Website navigation Main PageNewsFeaturesScreenshotsNSIS 2LicenseDocumentationSupportCommunityFAQBug ReportsRequestsDeveloper

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SetFileAttributes filename attribute1|attribute2|... UninstallCaption caption Sets what the titlebars of the uninstaller will display. If maxlen is specified, the string will be a maximum of maxlen characters (if maxlen is negative, the string will be truncated abs(maxlen) characters from the end). If this function calls Abort, the installation path in $INSTDIR is deemed invalid.

After Quit is called, the installer will exit (no callback functions will get a chance to run). To represent strings that have spaces, use quotes. Unable to get install path." Abort ; causes installer to quit. this content The solution is to use InstallLibmacro from a Library header which sets installer error flag if copy error occurs.

Click on Advanced system settings, point your computer mouse to the Advanced tab $ Iferrors Nsis and click Settings. Here are two examples of how this might be used: Function .onInit MessageBox MB_YESNO "This will install. Alternatively, if the /COMPONENTSONLYONCUSTOM flag is specified, the component list will only be shown if the "Custom" install type is selected. EnabledBitmap bitmap.bmp Sets the enabled state of the listbox Note that the filename output is without path.

SetErrors Sets the error flag. Functions are not called by the installer directly, instead they are called from Sections using the Call instruction (Note: there are some special Callback Functions that can be called by the If no output variable is specified ExecWait sets the error flag if the program executed returns a nonzero error code, or if there is an error. ClearErrors Clears the error flag.

kichik 30th March 2007 23:22 UTC Files installed by your application are most probably not protected. If the value is present, but is of type REG_DWORD, it will be read and converted to a string and the error flag will be set.