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When people start online businesses, they already have an idea of which products to sell and who their target audience is. If you’ve purchased a domain name and have products to sell, now’s the time to figure out how your website will look.

Having an attractive, easy-to-use website will lure more visitors and entice them to browse through your product inventory. If you’re not an experienced site administrator, choosing the right content management system with a feature-rich theme will make it easy to get your store up and running and converting visitors into customers.


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WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the most popular online CMS platforms. It’s highly customizable and easy to extend the platform through plugins and themes.

There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes from which to choose.

Whether you’re running a clothing shop or a news blog, there’s a free theme out there to get you started.

You can even customize a theme with your business logo, colors and product images to make it your own.

Shopify Themes

Starting an online store is easy with Shopify. It provides everything that you need all in one place, such as tracking product sales and creating a blog in a few clicks.

Shopify takes care of the technical stuff so that you can start creating your store.

This platform comes with some free themes to get you started, but they don’t give you complete customization.

If you want more variety or 100 percent control of your store’s look, you’ll need to select one of the many paid Shopify themes.

WooCommerce Themes

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. If you have a WordPress site on any host, you can use WooCommerce to get important features such as inventory management and shopping carts, including WooCommerce themes to customize the overall look.

You can download Storefront to start your online store. It’s a free WordPress theme with built-in search engine optimization, WooCommerce integration, responsiveness and more.

There are also many different Storefront extensions that customize the appearance of your shop.

PrestaShop Themes

PrestaShop is an easy-to-use platform for starting an online store.

It’s also free and open source, so you won’t have to pay to access any of its features.

It also has free themes; however, you’ll have to pay if you want a professional-quality theme for your site.

Whether you plan to open an online pet store or a fitness shop, you can select from thousands of PrestaShop themes and email templates to customize your site, making it stand out from the rest.

Joomla Templates

Joomla has become one of the most feature-rich and easy-to-use CMS platforms available.

It has different interface elements to help you organize, create and display your content however you want.

When it comes to visuals, Joomla templates transform your content into something special.

It doesn’t matter if you need a theme to showcase your hotel or to highlight your art portfolio – you can choose from numerous hand-crafted templates to make your site look as professional as possible.

Magento Themes

Magento is a popular e-commerce platform and used by large companies such as Samsung and Nike.  However, you don’t have to run a major company to use Magento.

Small- and medium-sized businesses also use Magento to power their content. It’s open source, constantly updated and optimized for SEO.

Because it’s a popular e-commerce platform, there are hundreds of professional-quality Magento themes to choose from for your site.

Like other platforms in this list, you can select from either free or paid themes for your retail shop, pest control store, sports blog or other online venture.


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