Joomla or WordPress

Nowadays, there are a large number of different CMS designed for website building. According to statistics, only two of them are considered the most frequently used – CMS Joomla and CMS WordPress.

Both systems are free, available for download and use by any user. This circumstance contributes to the question: What to choose, Joomla or WordPress?

Benefits of using WordPress

CMS WordPress is mainly for building simple websites or thematic blogs. If your task is to create a simple, user-friendly and high-quality website, then you can take a look at WordPress without hesitation.

That being said, don’t underestimate the functionality of WordPress. The functionality of this CMS is very easy to expand with the help of various extensions and add-ons, which will allow you to implement new features for your website.

WordPress plugins allow you to create sites of any complexity, from an information site to a full-fledged online store for providing e-commerce services.

Benefits of using Joomla

The main purpose of CMS Joomla is the creation of information sites and blogs. It should be noted that creating a blog site using Joomla creates some difficulties, but nevertheless, everything can be implemented without any problems.

 WordPress usability

WordPress is confidently taking the lead in terms of interface convenience and use. In addition, on the Internet, you can find a lot of additional information, training lessons. Mastering the WordPress admin panel takes place without any difficulties, you can do it yourself without documentation, in just a few hours.

Joomla usability

Joomla is inferior in usability compared to WordPress. However, you will not need any special knowledge and skills to create your own website based on Joomla.

Just like with WordPress, there is a sufficient amount of documentation and tutorials for CMS Joomla that will help you master Joomla in no time.

WordPress plugins and templates

One of the important characteristics that should be considered in the process of choosing a CMS to create your site is the number of plugins and templates that are available both for free use and the availability of templates that can be purchased for money.

In this matter, WordPress has an undeniable advantage. On the Internet, it is possible to find a huge number of different plugins and themes that will give your site the desired appearance and functionality, depending on the niche and theme of the site.

Plugins and templates for Joomla

When it comes to customization, Joomla does not have the same level of popularity as WordPress. And despite this, in the search engines you can find a sufficient number of templates and extensions for CMS Joomla.

Among them, you can successfully choose the one suitable for the topic of your particular website. So, there are no special difficulties in this aspect either. Although you shouldn’t forget that in terms of quantitative indicators, WordPress takes a leading position.

WordPress speed

CMS WordPress is considered to be very fast. Even if a website developer installs about a dozen add-ons, WordPress still performs well.

Of course, you shouldn’t get carried away with installing a large number of extensions. There should be a reasonable measure for everything. If a large number of plugins are used in WordPress, then this will certainly affect the speed of the site in a bad way.

Joomla speed

Website speed is not the best side of Joomla. If you install even a few additional extensions, the speed of the website will noticeably decrease. But the speed of loading pages of a site is a very important indicator in matters of search engine promotion – SEO.

Therefore, before using Joomla to develop your own site, you must take into account this weakness of this CMS.


Before deciding on any CMS, you need to analyze many different points that will allow you to implement the required functionality and appearance of the site.

At the same time, the speed of the website will remain at the proper level, and the development costs and additional extensions and templates will be low.

This article has compared Joomla and WordPress in various ways. In almost all matters, the advantage remained with the WordPress CMS.

I would like to especially focus the readers’ attention on the fact that ease of use, documentation and speed of learning WordPress dominates Joomla.

Do not forget that if you make the wrong choice, then you will almost always have the opportunity to migrate site content from one CMS to another.

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