OpenCart CMS – what is it, development history, features

OpenCart is an engine designed to create online stores and carry out commercial activities on the Internet. CMS OpenCart is written in PHP programming language.

To store data and ensure the functioning of the system, free versions of MySQL or MariaDB databases are used. CMS OpenCart has support for many languages and currencies. The software is free to download and use under the GNU General Public License.

OpenCart development history

OpenCart was developed by Christopher G. Mann in 1998. The first public version was released in May 1999. Initially, the engine was developed in the Perl language, but did not achieve success. In view of this, progress in the development of the project was suspended. Subsequently, G. Mann made a report in April 2000 stating that he refrains from further developing OpenCart.

In February 2005, the project was revived by the British developer Daniel Kerr, who first rebuilt the project site and later used the developments as a basis for developing his own e-commerce software. The development of a new project has already been carried out in the PHP programming language. The first stable, public version of the product was version 1.1.1.

According to project developer Daniel Kerr, in September 2014, CMS OpenCart became the number one e-commerce software in China.

In August 2015, it was recorded that the OpenCart engine was used in over 6% of sites that provided e-commerce services. In February 2017, it was noted that CMS OpenCart is installed and running on 317 thousand websites.

This figure led to the conclusion that the OpenCart engine, in terms of the prevalence of e-commerce software, outstripped Shopify and Magento.

The release of the second version of OpenCart 2.0 took place in October 2014. The new version received a significant update of the program code and interface for managing the site engine.

OpenCart functionality

OpenCart is a self-contained software that allows you to quickly and efficiently create e-commerce sites on the Internet.

As indicated on the official website of the developer, immediately after installing the OpenCart software, it is ready to work. The site owner only needs to add products to the online store.

To customize the marketplace in accordance with the niche in which e-commerce services are provided, you just need to replace the standard website theme template.

Store elements such as a basket of goods do not require separate configuration and are ready to work immediately after installation. The online store control panel allows you to manage orders, configure and manage multiple payment services.
The official website of the CMS OpenCart developer indicates the main characteristics of the engine and the advantages that the software provides.

Let’s list some features

open source software
completeness of documentation
no restrictions for creating categories and products
no restrictions for creating information pages
support of many languages ​​for content and system interface
the ability to install theme templates for customization
support for built-in modules and extensions
customer and customer feedback system
product rating system
image resizing system
system of discounts and coupons
delivery method selection system
the ability to specify multiple tax rates.
the ability to specify the weight of the product without and with packaging and a dynamically calculated cost
optimization of site content for search engines

SEO optimization OpenCart

The official website of the OpenCart developer indicates that content optimization for search engines consists in setting meta descriptions for categories, product cards and information pages.

CMS OpenCart is optimized for successful indexing of pages and site content in all search engines and includes support for custom products and meta tag categories.

System requirements for installing OpenCart

To install the OpenCart software and to make it function, you need:

a running web server, Apache or equivalent
PHP programming language support

Responsive Themes

Full Customization

World Class Support

3rd Party Support

Updates & Fixes

User Roles

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

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